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Crude Fiber Analyzer

The Crude Fiber Analyzers belong to food lab equipment and are the base of presently utilized acid-base away cooking method away boiled instances, and are employed to get the sample weight purpose of grainy fiber content of instruments. Small size, the water bath heating heat-up quickly with equal heating. These espouse glass mouth bonding to obviate the grinding use rubber sealing ring distortion leak problem. The digital control temperate timing integration with high integration instrumentality is highly convenient. The Crude Fiber Analyzers work with the principle of general crude fat analyzer equipment, and are available with improved features and lower cost.

Key Points :
  • Fast and accurate, apply of lignin, cellulose, crude fiber, hemicelluloses analyze etc.
  • Alkali and acid washing principle, internal electric heating.
  • The methods determined for crude fiber content are digestion, irrigation, leaching etc.
  • Independent heating, autonomous temperature regulation.
FA600 Crude Fiber Analyzer
FA600 Crude Fiber Analyzer
FA600 Crude Fiber Analyzer is programmed to automatically add solution and rinse. Widely used for crude fiber, ADF and NDF determinations, this equipment is well adopted to advanced chemistry and physics technology. It is specifically engineered to analyze coarse fiber content in animal feed, food and other agriculture by-products. Before the final dispatch, we have stringently tested this analyzer over a broad range of sample types. It also provides increased automation to improve laboratory operations and reduce labor costs.
FA700 Crude Fiber Analyzer
FA700 Crude Fiber Analyzer

FA700 Crude Fiber Analyzer

We have attained a distinct position in the market by putting forward an excellent array of Crude Fiber Analyzer. It is manufactured by a team of deft professionals using premium class components with the aid of sophisticated techniques as per predefined industry norms. It is appreciated to be used in food-processing industry for assessment of coarse fiber content in edibles. This Crude Fiber Analyzer can be purchased from us at economical prices.

FA700 crude fiber analyzer has a completely enclosed electric heating. Other processes such as addition of liquid, digestion, filtration and washing is done in an enclosed structure. Through these processes, the crude fiber content available in the sample is calculated. It has following operating principles:

  • Acid and alkali washing method
  • Set of acid, alkali digestion & suction filtration method

In case, you are working without any sample, simply select the manual mode of temperature adjustment. This will result in fast and precise output of the material decomposed and hence the crude fiber content. This crude fiber analyzer is used for food, feed and agricultural products of cellulose, lignin, crude fiber and hemicelluloses.

Key points:

  • High performance
  • Provides accurate results
  • Impeccable functional life
  • Simple maintenance

FA700 crude fiber analyzer is based on the principle of the acid and alkali washing method, set of acid, alkali digestion and suction filtration function; it is fully enclosed electric heating, add liquid, Digestion, filtration, washing method to determine crude fiber content of the sample. In operation without sample divert, and according to the desired temperature to individually adjust, thereby accurately and quickly the material decomposed crude fiber content. This applies to determination the content of food, feed, foods and other agricultural products of crude fiber, lignin, cellulose and hemicelluloses.

Technical Specification:

  • The test range: 0 to 100%
  • The number of samples: samples 1 to 6
  • The sample is measured: 0.5~3g
  • Test accuracy: repeatability ≤0.4%
  • Test time: ≤90min
  • Heating: semicircular type silicon carbide heating, single temperature control
  • Sealing method: ptfe material sealed
  • Dosing: pressure injection
  • Reagent heating: automatic temperature adjustable over-temperature protection
  • Corrosion resistance: acid, alkali and acetone
  • 4.3-inch touch screen
  • Temperature control mode: by holding control, adjust the power to heat.
  • Temperature range: Rt.~400°C
  • Power supply: 220V ± 10%, 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Rated power: 2700 W
  • Dimensions: 560×340×640 mm
  • Weight: 40 Kg


FA800 Crude Fiber Analyzer
FA800 Crude Fiber Analyzer

FA800 Crude Fiber Analyzer

Crude Fiber Analyzer

Crude Fiber Analyzer FA800

We offer Crude Fiber Analyzer FA800 that has advanced and modern design supported with simple operation and flexible application. Its general use is in Customary Weaned Method for the assessment of crude fiber. Another one of its use is in Van Soest Analysis for washing the fiber. This Crude Fiber Analyzer is ideal for agricultural products, food, feed and plant. Its use also include calculating the acid detergent fiber (ADF), acid detergent lignin (ADL), crude fiber, hemicelluloses, and neutral detergent fiber (NDF).

Technical Specifications:

Measurement range


Sample weight


Repeatability error

Craw Fiber Content below 10%, ≤0.4%
Craw Fiber Content above 10%, ≤1%


6 pcs/batch

Pre-heating time


Heating to boiling


Rated power


Power supply

220 VAC ±10% 50Hz


776×476×644 mm