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Automatic Pipettes
The Automatic Pipettes are the particular devices, which execute programmed transportation of fluid between preselected units of containers. Commonly employed in analytical chemistry, molecular biology and medical tests, these help in conveying a measured volume of fluid. Also known as Liquid Handling Robots, these obtain a volume of liquid via making suction, or dispensing and aspirating this fluid over the terminus container.
Biological Safety Cabinet
Our Biological Safety Cabinets are configured with effectual primary controls that help in obtaining maximal potential and offer protection from all exposures to products and department. During the risk‐hazard researches, the products proffer high end safety and protection from biological particulate agents and airborne. These also insure safety and hygiene along with environmental cleanliness.
Biosafety Cabinet
Biosafety Cabinets are the enclosed and aired laboratory work spaces, which insure safe working in the labs even with the materials pestiferous with pathogens. Offering you a defined bio-safety level, these come in many different varieties, specialized by the degree of bio-containment needed. The main task of these cabinets is to suffice as the means of protecting the laboratory workers from pathogens.
Blood Bank Refrigerator
We offer best quality Blood Bank Refrigerators, which are organized for the necessaries in ground of cooling. These come with robust designs, temperature stability and several interior alternatives. Featured with accurate temperature control, vacuum insulated glass door, the various sections of these products enable you to keep various bloods in different baskets.
The Centrifuges are the pieces of equipment, which places an object in motion around the fixed axis by utilizing a potentially powerful force that is perpendicular to the spin axis. These work by employing the sedimentation rule, where the centripetal modification reasons in denser particles and substances. These area accessible with automated bundling and user friendly interface.
Crude Fiber Analyzer
The Crude Fiber Analyzers are usually the food lab equipments, which are corroborated on the elimination cooking technique. These assist to obtain a crude fiber complacent of instrument samplings and are highly appropriate for the detecting the crude fiber content in an assortment of beverages, food and others. These are responsible for accurate density of acid and alkali, under certain states.
Digestion System
We offer high quality Digestion System, which comes with microprocessor control platforms and high-temperature infrared radiation technology. It is capable to insure accurate temperature control and is developed with multifarious functions such as neutralization, triple filtration, condensate recovery etc. The system comes with minimum noise, powerful suction and eco-friendly arrangements.
Digital Balance
Digital Balances are the devices applicative for the measurement of weight or calculating mass. Basically, these are the systems of indicant or recording of the selector variety, which advances sporadically under which all values are presented in numbers or in a digital mode. Offered products of digital representation, have no graduations. Arranged to compute the small masses, these come with robust and modish designs.
Digital Viscometer
We are offering Digital Viscometer, which is the instrument employed to compute the fluid viscosity. It can be also considered as the particular type of rheometer. Offered product has wide and multifarious applications in the chemical industries and materials science and for materials such as asphalt, plastics, oil, coatings, wax, paints and adhesives. Also utilized for food, potables and personal-care products, this product are highly functional.
Dry Bath Incubator
Dry Bath Incubators are arranged to accommodate a variety of interchangeable heating block modules. These economical products are perfect for an assortment of usages such as restriction digests, coagulation studies, C.O.D. denaturing BUN, DNA, melting agar in situ hybridization. Even heating and stable temperatures make these products are appropriate for utilization in biological and clinical labs.
Freeze Dryer
We offer Freeze Dryers, which are utilized to preserve the perishable physical and make it more expedient for transport. These work by cooling the material and then reducing the encompassing pressure to permit the frozen water in the physical to sublime instantly from the solid form to the gas form. Offered products are applicative in pharmaceutical & biotechnology, food and agriculture-based industries, and technological industry.
Fume Hood
The Fume Hoods also known as fume cupboards are the local ventilation devices, which are configured to end exposure to unsafe or toxic fumes, dusts or vapors. These are the typical large piece of equipments, which are used to assist the user from breathing toxic gases and protect the experiment, product and environment. The secondary functions these come with are explosion protection, spill containment and few more.
Gel Electrophoresis
Gel Electrophoresis is a technique that is employed for analysis and separation of macromolecules (DNA, proteins and RNA). It is utilized in clinical chemistry to detach proteins by charge or size. It is also utilized in molecular biology and biochemistry for the separation of an intermingled grouping of DNA and RNA. It enables the sorting of particles settled on size.
Made of glass Glassware is used for scientific experimentation and some other work in science, particularly in biology and chemistry laboratories. Applicative for scientific experiments, the product is less breakable and cheaper. Used to hold samples or reagents, it can efficiently hold up heat and pressure under assorted temperatures. It comes with acid resistant properties and compacts structures.
Histopathology refers to the microscopic testing of tissues, which assists to study the indications of various diseases. In clinical medicine, it is an examination of a diagnostic test or surgical instance by a diagnostician, after the instance has been prepared and histological parts have been set onto glass slides. The range ensures the speedy surgical intervention for patients and offers harmless cutting accurate frozen partitions.
Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
We offer best quality Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrers, which are the laboratory instruments that employ a turning magnetic field to appoint a stir bar pierced in a liquid to twist very speedily, thus stirring it. With these stirrers, there is not any requirement of lubricants. Featured with hot plates and assorted other tools for heating the liquid, the products come with stabilize the tissue so as to preclude the decay.
Incubator Shaker
Incubator Shakers are applicable for cell aeration, cell culturing and solubility scrutinies. Obviating the demand of placing a detached shaker inside these, the products include oxygen and equally administered nutrients. Additionally, these offer stable temperature states and employ an orbital agitation at changeable speeds so as make the to effect on the maturation of cell cultures.
Kjeldahl Analyzer
Kjeldahl Analyzers are the automated devices integrating titration functions and distillation. The designs of these products are settled on classic Kjeldahl nitrogen determination technique. These are accoutered with powerful automation, modish core control system and advanced-quality components. Capable to attain automated waste discharge, cleanup of digestion tubes and titration cups, these ensure accurate test results and multiple fluid level detection.
Lab Accessories
We offer Lab Accessories, which are extensively applicable for clinical research, life sciences research, cell culture, bio-production, diagnostic,bio-banking etc. These accessories help in sample supplying and analysis via data version and storage. Proffering the widest provision of infinite solutions for your industrial demands, these are useful for technological researches, experiments and offer stability and uniformity, needed for the applications.
Laboratory Digesters
Laboratory Digesters are employed for thermal, chemical, semi-chemical and bleaching pulping examinations in the industry of pulp and paper. These offer more stable rates of gas production and are accessible with rapid and increased working efficiency. Offered with standard designs, uniform heating, extended service life and waste gas gathering hood, these remain serviceable even after particular anti-oxidation process.
Laboratory Storage Cabinets
Laboratory Storage Cabinets are capable to add spaces to the work environment of all labs. These stand as the mobile units, which can display artistry, artwork with the multifarious premier display cabinets. These eliminate the nuisance smells and come with scribe features that permit for easy width accommodation in field. These can be stored precisely where you require to keep them.
Medical Refrigerator
Optimized for the conditioning as well as storage of vaccines, medicates, pharmaceuticals and other medical products, offered Medical Refrigerators are capable to manage protocol conditions. These are featured with front locks for reliable security and provide expedient efficiency for space-challenged installments. These can be constituted under counters with minimal area around the exterior.
Melting Point Apparatus
We are offering Melting Point Apparatuses, which are the scientific instruments employed to determine the melting point of any substance. The outward arrangements of setups can differ outstandingly. Offered equipments employ a sample loaded into a closed capillary that is melting point capillary. Absolutely suitable for pharmaceutical, raw material and quality control applications, these are also applicable for educational use.
Microplate Shaker
Microplate Shakers are the pieces of laboratory equipments, which are utilized to blend, mix or to foment substances in flask or tube by shaking them. Primitively, these are applicative in the fields of biology and chemistry. These are incorporated with oscillating boards, polycarbonate made lid for samplings, as well as ID functioned temperature controllers.
Microtome is a special tool, which is utilized to cut highly thin pieces of material, named as sections. All-important in science orbit, it is employed in microscopy, permitting for the readying of samples for observance under electron radiation or transmissible light. It uses glass, steel or diamond blades based upon the instance being shredded and the demanded dimension of the sections being shred.
Orbital Shaker
We offer advanced quality Orbital Shakers, which are employed for consistent and uniform shaking as well as heating of assorted kinds of samples such as bacterial mixtures. Offered products come with consolidated space saving designs, analog speed control, anti-slip platforms and offer stable operation with low vibration. Featured with autonomous LCD digital displays, these have accurate shaking speed as well as timer function.
PCR Instruments
We offer PCR Instruments, which come with cost-efficient performance and ensure fast and precise thermal control. Basically, these are the machines, which detect and amplify DNA. These combine the utilities of a thermal cycler as well as a fluorimeter, modifying the procedure of quantitative PCR. These monitor the advancement of PCR as well as the nature of magnified products via the measurement of fluorescence.
PH & Conductivity Meter
PH & Conductivity Meter is serviceable for showing metric conductivity as well as PH related data, simultaneously. Capable for computing TDS level, temperature and conductivity rate, it is featured with multiple reading modes, and set up menu. Offering fast accession to the total parameters of this device, it is incorporated with precocious micro controller, which is user-friendly
Polarimeters are the scientific instruments, which are utilized for the measurement of the angle-rotation grounded by transient polarized light via an ocular active substance. Made up of two nicol prisms, known as the polarizer and analyzer, these are fixed and execute the measuring task by passing monochromatic light with the assistance of first of two polarizing plates, making a polarized beam.
We are dealing in Refractometers, which are the field or laboratory devices made for the measurement of a scale of refraction. The index of refraction is measured from Snell's law while for mixtures as well as the index of refraction can be computed from the material composition by using various mixing rules. Offered products are capable to automatically measuring the refractive index of a sampling.
Soxhlet Fat Analyzer
We are dealing in Soxhlet Fat Analyzers, which are supported with Soxhlet extraction principle. These are the automated crude fat analyzers in which weight technique is employed to find out the fat content. Based on the extraction principle, these perform the functions of soaking, leaching, extraction, condensation, heating and solvent recovery. Equipped with advanced performance solvent recovery portion, these are highly functional.
Spectroscopy Spectrophotometer
Spectroscopy Spectrophotometers are employed for quantitative and qualitative synthesis of fluid samples such as milk, water and some others. The utilization of these products spans assorted scientific fields, such as chemistry, biochemistry, physics, materials science and molecular biology. Commonly employed for the measurement of reflectance or transmittance of solutions, transparent solids, these are included with a diffraction grating to make the analytical spectrum.
We offer Stereo Microscopes, which are the optical microscopes variants and are configured for reduced magnification observation of a sample. These are often employed to examine the surfaces of solid specimens as well as to carry out close activity such as dissection, watch-making, circuit board, microsurgery, inspection etc. Widely applicative in manufacturing industry for inspection, fabrication, and quality control, these are also indispensable in entomology.
Tablet Dissolution Tester RC
We are dealing in Tablet Dissolution Tester RC, which play a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical industry and efficiently assist in the drug dissolution testing. Employed to offer critical in vitro medicate release info for both quality control functions, these offer batch-to-batch uniformity of solid oral dose sorts such as drug development, tablets etc. These are capable to proffer accurate as well as consistent results.
Tube Rotator
Tube Rotators offer effective and gentle mixing, which is suited for keeping biological samples in mixture e.g. aerating cultures, blood as well as for general mixing usages. Applicative in biochemistry, molecular biology, histochemistry, and clinical applications, the small footprints and flexible designs and simple displays help in increasing the flexibility and effectiveness of the performance.
Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Organized for an assortment of utilization including shrink fitting as well as ultra cold storage, the incorporated chest freezer style of Ultra Low Temperature Freezer permits cost-efficient storage at a specific temperature. These proffer reliable as well as durable environmental conditions for the product’s indispensable temperature demands. These make reduced stress on compressors enabling them run longer and cooler.
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
We are dealing in UV-VIS Spectrophotometers, which are routinely employed in analytical chemistry and execute the quantitative determination of different analytes, such as highly conjugated organic compounds, transition metal ions and biological macromolecules. These are also employed to ascertain the rate constant or kinetics of a chemical reaction as well as to measure high-concentration sample.
Ultrasonic Bath
We offer optimal quality Ultrasonic Baths, which proffer consistent as well as reliable performance in many environments such as laboratory, healthcare, and scientific surrounds. Ensuring consistent levels of ultrasonic procedure, throughout the liquid, these baths provide immensely developed performance with a more precise and accurate ultrasonic procedure. These are accessible with simple to use digital LCD control structures and adjustable power units.
Vacuum Pump
We are offering Vacuum Pumps, which are the devices used for removing gas particles from a sealed quantity so as to leave behind an incomplete vacuum. Applicative in assorted industrial as well as scientific processes including vacuum tubes, composite plastic molding activities, production of most kinds of electric lamps, these offer assistance to several mechanical devices.
Vortex Mixer
We are dealing in Vorrtex Mixers, which are the simple devices of bio-science laboratories that assist to blend small ampules of liquid. These are usually integrated with electric motors and drive shafts, which assist the rubber pieces to oscillate quickly in a circular movement. In microbiology laboratories and cell structures, these are highly helpful in suspending cells.
Automatic Water Distillers
Automatic water distillers can be the right equipment for those in need for continuous supply of distilled water. We mainly supply the system to businesses, labs. Through our retailers, we make available this system to homes as well. Using this system, one can reduce contaminants in water.
Bottle Top Dispenser
Bottle top dispenser based on the latest dosing technology is made from high tech material. This easy to operate device is safe, universal chemical compatible and requires less maintenance. It features exchangeable discharge valves, safety valves and olive-shaped filling valves
Benchtop Dual Action Shaker
Benchtop Dual Action Shaker in the offering applies advanced dual shaking principle for shaking lab glassware. This system features DC motor, adjustable shaking amplitude and programmable shaking amplitude. The gentle start and stop prevents spillage from flasks and tubes.
Deep Freezer - Vertical Type Double Door
Deep freezer - vertical type double door is applicable in hospitals, labs, research institutes, engineering and electronic industries. It is apt for research and storage applications. Buy this freezer from us at market leading price.
ESR-Microsed System
This highly functional and easy to operate ESR-Microsed system can be used for a number of simultaneous independent tests, upto 40 per hour. This system has 15 - 30 - 60 min. reading time capability. It features infrared detector and automatic temperature correction.
Hematology Analyzers
We can make you available laboratory equipment, like hematology analyzer. This lab equipment is safe to use, durable, effective and highly functional. Customers can be assured of its longer life when buying this product from us.
Water Baths
Buy this spacious, robustly constructed and less maintenance stainless steel water bath available in three models, with capacities from 11L to 22L. The water bath features microprocessor PID Control for 0.1 °C, timer, alarm, and auto-tuning function.