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Rotary Microtome

Rotary Microtome
Rotary Microtome
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Product Code : HM2268
Product Description
Our rotary microtome is the highly usual instrument discovered in a histology labs. It is immensely deployed for slicing of paraffin and in addition, for solid sectioning method in medicine and biology. In our instrument, the technology of the speed and block of trimming are directed by a digital keypad or a foot pedal at customers' fingertips. The greatly upgrade ergonomics can be achieved by minimizing repetitive tension on joints. Our rotary microtome have turned out to be more accurate as well as simpler to utilize since the initial versions. Although a best microtome can stay up to decades, most labs are outfitted with our modern microtome with trendy outline innovations.

Features :-

  • Our instrument demands less handling
  • It has robust outlines that provides it life of decades
  • This is simple to use and customer friendly
  • It offers maximum performance
  • Our instrument is furnished with extrinsic roller guide rails as well as high-accuracy roller screws.
  • This is a perfect instrument for usage in histology because of its ergonomic outline, reduced structure, high accuracy and in addition, steady and solid performance.

HM2268 Rotary Microtome is equipped with imported roller guide rails and high-precision roller screws. This is an ideal device for use in histology due to its ergonomic design, compact structure, high precision, and stable and reliable performance.

Section Thickness Setting Range

0 - 60μm

Section thickness setting options

0-20μm, increment 1μm
20-60μm, increment 5μm

Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness


Precision Error


Maximum Specimen Size


Total Horizontal Specimen Feed


Vertical Specimen Stroke


Specimen Retraction

15μm and 35μm

Specimen Retraction

90μm (optional)

Specimen Orientation

XY – 8°


590×500×330mm (W×D×H)

Net weight

37 Kg